Phaneendra Kollipara will be hiking for the cause of Deenabandhu!

Phaneendra Kollipara is a long distance hiker and may probably is the only Indian to do the Triple crown ( Appalachian Trail, Pacific Crest Trail & the Continental Divide Trail). This year as part of The Push Beyond, he will be embarking a 9 months long 7000-mile Great Western Loop – an endeavor that has only been completed by two people in the history.

INATAGRAM - @d.hikes
Instagram – @d.hikes

He along with his team of 11 other hikers have to complete this route through some of the most remote, beautiful and rough terrain. From the Grand Canyon through the Sonoran and Mojave deserts as well as the rugged mountains of the Sierra Nevada, the Cascades, and the Rockies, they will hike 30+ miles a day through snow, boulder fields, creeks, and whatever else is in their paths.

He not only wants to face one of the toughest challenges of his life but also wants to help the children of Deenabandhu along this journey. He wishes to raise 10,000 USD for Deenabandhu as part of this adventure.

Deenabandhu trust ( is a charitable Non-Profit Organization located in Chamarajnagar, Karnataka, India.  Deenabandhu works towards the education and rehabilitation of orphan, destitute and estranged children.

Trust runs separate home for girls and boys. Currently there are 37 girls and 45 boys under the care of Deenabandhu home. All the children in the children home are deprived of parental care. All these children will be supported by Deenbandhu till they become economically independent. Please click on this link to know more about our Alumni.

The trust also runs a school for children from marginalized communities. School conducts classes from LKG to 10th std. Around 450 children attend this school. More than 90% of our children are from BPL families and more than 80% of them belong to SC/ST community. A meager nominal fee is collected by the students. For more information about the school, please click here.

Deenabandhu also runs a Teacher Resource Center (TRC). Through TRC, the trust is working with 162 govt primary school teachers from 142 govt. schools in and around Chamarajnagara. TRC also produces learning videos, literary and other resources in Kannada for Science and Maths learning. Please visit for detailed information. Through scholarship programs Deenabandhu is supporting over 900 children with their higher education.

With your support we will able to support more children and enable them to dream that they too can reach for the Sky!

Phaneendra Kollipara’s Instagram id – @d.hikes
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Kindly look into this small videos which narrates the activities of Deenabandhu children's home and Deenabandhu school

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